Dry Dock

Members looking to store their boats out of the water can take advantage of our dry dock storage

Unlimited Put In/Pull Out –

This service includes as many trips to the water or work rack as you desire.

Full Access –

Storing your boat high and dry allows you full access to your boat, top to bottom for any of your repair or maintenance needs.

Custom Boat Slings –

You’ll find that CYC has the expertise and experience to handle boats that normally cannot be transported by boat lift. We have custom built slings and cradles to accommodate catamarans, sailboats, and pontoon boats.

Amenities –

All dry dock members take advantage of all marina amenities including pool, spa, playground, etc. See our Amenities page for more information.

Gated 24 Hour Access –

Our marina is surrounded by an 8ft. high security fence, and access to the marina is monitored 24 hours a day with gated access after hours. This provides you with security of knowing your boat is always protected, alongside 24 hour access to your boat.

Ample, Up Close Parking –

Your boat is only a few steps away from paved and well lighted parking area.

No Height Limit –

We have no restrictions on towers, out riggers, etc. so you can leave your boat rigged and ready to go.

Maryland Clean Marina
24 Hour Security